Overseas Jewelry is a Toronto based brand specialized in crystal jewelry and custom hair wraps. All products are handcrafted by Nesrine Najahi, who is the designer and founder. Inspired by her Moroccan roots and her life-changing trip to Australia, she started to get deeply involved in crystals in 2017. Overseas offers a selection of high quality, unique and limited stones, which are mostly from South America. Each of them is carefully chosen to be worn as lifetime jewelry and powerful talisman.

Overseas jewelry is about reminding yourself to focus on your inner self. When you wear the right crystal(s) for your chakra(s), you are focusing on what needs to be balanced in your life. I believe our mind and consciousness are the most powerful things we have. Since we live in a fast-paced world, stress and distractions block us to focus on our emotional health. Carrying a crystal that you can touch, feel and observe on a daily basis, is carrying a visual reminder of how you truly want to feel. This will help you become your ideal identity so you can control your personal reality. Mother nature gifted us with a wide variety of stones, which are the most precious and beautiful tools for self-healing.